Germany and its Economic Fair play


Denmark Exports of Products

Agriculture plays a fundamental role in fulfilling much humanity basic needs: foods, energy, and even the livelihood of a person. Denmark is the only country in the Nordic-Baltic region with a net export of agricultural products. They are producing three times the amount of food it needs for itself. The kinds of organic products in their country are increasing rapidly. These products include beverages (tea, coffee and beer) meat, condiments, fruits, vegetables and many more.Danish farmers produce 19 million slaughter hogs per year. Besides large quantities of pork and dairy products, Denmark produces beef, poultry and fur skins for the Danish market and for export.Generally, two thirds of the Danish agricultural production is exported to more than 100 countries all over the world. Only half of the export goes to EU-countries. This means that Danish farmers are competing with farmers on the world market.

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