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Human Rights in Danish Laws

Human right is natural within us. It has been engraved on our flesh and soul that since when we got out inside the womb of our mother we already carried this natural law.When it comes to human rights, Denmark has signed and ratified a number of international human rights treaties. The people who are tasked to this are the Danish Institute for human rights, where they assist in ensuring compliance with the treaties. The institute also monitors and analyses developments in certain area. They even monitor the rulings delivered by bodies such us the UN committee system and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR OR ECtHR) on denmark and other states where ruling has implication for Denmark. Danish Government and Parliament works on how the human rights can be embedded in legislation practice.Denmark is a country that works hard to protect the reputation of one soul. They do everything they can do just to make sure that their countrymen get the good treatment that he deserves in life. This proves that Denmark is a pursuant of human rights.

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